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Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


In April 2019 I decided to finally start investing in stocks. During the Investing 101 boot camp the folks who facilitate our investing group suggested FutureMe.org as a source of reflective encouragement and personal accountability.

FutureMe is a free resource (always taking donations) that allows you to write a letter to your future self! The letter (email) can be as long or as short as you choose.

I composed my first letter in April and it arrived on New Year's Eve (I COMPLETELY forgot about it). In my letter I wrote about my investing/saving goals, fitness journey, love life, and other personal effects. It was awesome to see how far I've come in my financial journey, and I literally laughed out loud at the high expectations I had for my love life.

After composing the letter to yourself you:

- set the date for when you want it sent

- enter the email you want it sent to (an email that you can access; FutureMe sends a confirmation with a link to verify the email address)

and that's it!

It was very uplifting to receive that letter on New Years Eve, especially since I forgot that I even sent it. You can choose how often you want letters sent, and (to my knowledge) there's no limit on the number of letters you can send to yourself. After I received my letter on NYE I composed another letter set to arrive in my inbox on my 29th birthday. I look forward to reflecting on the progress I make in the next five(ish) months.

Composed with humility and truth ,

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