• Kailah

World Famous Egg Rolls: Miami, FL

These tasty (and filling!) egg rolls were my quick meal before I made my way to FLL to head back to Philly.

*note: World Famous has a few locations in the Miami area. Don't be afraid to visit any of them!

Check out more of these innovative and creative egg rolls on World Famous' Instagram page!

*I didn't bother taking any still photos for this meal; I felt that photos weren't capturing the true beauty of the rolls! ALL VIDEO IT IS!

I ordered the veggie egg roll and soul food egg roll!

We enjoyed our platters family style; everyone ordered two flavors so that we could try each others!

In all, I tried the following flavors:

BBQ pork

Korean beef

seafood deluxe

I can see why these egg rolls are world famous! I've never seen anything like it! For all of the egg roll lovers, this is a must try. I look forward to visiting again and trying more of their rolls!

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