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Vybe305: Miami, FL

Vybe305 is located in Miami Gardens, Florida (approximately a fifteen minute drive from the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood area).

Check out their Instagram with their mouth watering photos and videos!

Vybe305 has a decent menu with quite a few options. I liked that they had a website for online ordering. Navigating the website was simple and quick.

Vybe has been a food truck for a while, but is currently in the midst of transitioning into storefront restaurant. WE LOVE TO SEE IT!

I ordered Vybe's salmon jerk pasta. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Some highlights about this meal:

-salmon cooked PERFECTLY

-pasta al dente *folks have different opinions about this; al dente is my preference.

-jerk seasoning contained the perfect level of spiciness.

It didn't bother me, but here's a note for my picky eaters; the sauce includes finely sliced peppers. I enjoyed them but if veggies aren't your thing, see if you can request to have them excluded from

your order!

I added the Vybe punch to my order (and spiked it with some coconut Bacardi);

that came out PERFECTO.

Overall I was definitely satisfied with my ordering, pick up and eating experience! I'd add this to my list of go-to spots when I'm in Miami / Fort Lauderdale.

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