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Unqui Creationz Catering: Philadelphia, PA

What better day to post about tacos then on May 5th, 2020; Cinco de Mayo AND Taco Tuesday!

Back in March 2020 my dad was raving about a young chef selling platters. We checked her page and she just so happened to be selling shrimp tacos that night. Can't go wrong with tacos, right?

In addition to catering Quanise also has a mobile bartending business, AND she makes alcohol infused baked goods.

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We had shrimp tacos with mango slaw, chipotle mayo and Spanish rice. Everything was so fresh; you could taste each ingredient. She even used REAL corn tacos, and they were toasted to perfection.

The flavor profile was developed perfectly. When it comes to taco making most people *myself included* are lazy with developing the layers of flavor.. but with this, everything was all there.

Moral of the story: Chef Quanise did her thing with these shrimp tacos.

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