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Two Vegan Dining Experiences (featured on TheBrothersPod.com )

In addition to being a monthly cohost with The Podcast Brothers there was a (brief) period of where I contributed a few blog posts for their website. Below you will find two links to my posts about dining experiences at vegan restaurants.

I’m not a vegan, and to be honest I don’t plan on becoming vegan any time soon (cheese, crab legs and chicken wings are my vices.. heaven help me). I do keep my meat intake to a minimum; I rarely eat beef, and I do not consume pork. Although I haven’t decided to dedicate my eating habits to the vegan lifestyle I do enjoy exploring vegan foods and the alternatives that are just as tasty as ‘the real thing’.

I decided to visit Drop Squad Kitchen while in Delaware with my mom and sister, and took a trip to Charlie was a Sinner with a friend who came to visit from Atlanta.

Click the links below to read more!

My Drop Squad Kitchen Experience  

My Charlie was a Sinner Experience

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