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TheBigJawn: Episode 163 with The Officially Street Podcast

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

I recorded an impromptu episode with the big dogs over at The Officially Street Podcast !

I joined one of closest friends Lashondra (y’all can call her Cherry) , Jayomega  , and Syer to discuss:

  • How an argument over whether or not Halle Berry should play Aretha Franklin (RIP) led to a shooting in a barber shop

  • Would you curse out someone you know if they left inappropriate comments under a risqué photo that your significant other posted online

  • Would the fellas pay 12K for a new hairline? Ladies, would you date a man with hairline enhancements?

  • A burglar stripped naked prior to robbing a restaurant in NYC

  • Official or Unofficial segment

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