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The Podcast Brothers Episode 145: Panda Express

Updated: Aug 19, 2019


Clearly I've been missing in action from my site; I k now I know, I'm trash.

Actually, I'm not trash; I've just been busy! Life, work, family, friends, etc has kept me very occupied lately. I promise as often as I do something exciting (and worth posting) I will share it with you all!

In the meantime, back to the task at hand.

On episode 145 we discussed:

-controversies surrounding the Face app

-the difference between 'stealing' someone's idea and 'paying homage' or reinventing the wheel

-is it okay to talk about childhood trauma on the first date?

-thoughts on #MahershalaAli playing Blade

- #EddieMurphy and his $70 million deal with #Netflix for a new stand up special

- and more! As I listen back, one of the things that had me cracking up about this episode was Flaw insisting that eating from Panda Express on a regular basis is a healthier alternative in comparison to Burger King. We shall see Flaw, we shall see.. lol

The Podcast Brothers are available on all podcast listening platforms as per usual, my platform of choice just so happens to be Apple Podcast app!

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