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The Podcast Brothers Episode 141: Kash Dawwg

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Good morning Kreatives!

I haven't written anything for you all in a while! It's been a slow summer so far for traveling and dining out, but I promise I'll be posting some things for you soon.

The Podcast Brothers are NINE episodes away from announcing the winner of their sneaker giveaway; there's still time to enter the contest! If you'd like to get in on the action, shoot a message Flaw for more details.

*side note: shout out to Jae from Just Say Words podcast; I recently appeared in an episode of his Saturday Series podcast, and I'm wearing one of his shirts in this photo.*

In episode 141 some of the topics included:

-Black people receiving our reparations. How should we receive them? How would the government determine who's black and who isn't?

-Colorism. Apparently during this discussion I said the rapper Kash Doll's name weird, hence the title of this episode

-Deleting people off of social media because you don't agree with their views

-and more!!

Listen to Kash Dawwg: Episode 141

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