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The Podcast Brothers Episode 135: Matician

For this episode with the brothers we discussed:

-Flaw & Fresco continue to make their arguments as presidential candidates.

-Do compliments from others boost your confidence? Which compliments do you like, and what “compliments” bother you?

-Should someone be registered as a sex offender for sending explicit messages, calling random people on social media, and/or sending nudes?

-How should someone go about planning a first date with you?

-Meeting someone for the first time and giving them your social media or phone number?

Fresh or Fiasco:

-After watching the trailer, fans on Twitter complained about how Sonic the Hedgehog looks and demanded his look be change.

-DeAngelo Russel was caught trying to bring weed onto a plane at JFK airport.

-NYC jails amend their policies regarding inmates making phone calls. Inmates will now be able to make 21 minute phone calls for free.

Fuck is You Doin':

Magic Johnson resigns from his position as president of operations for the Los

Angeles Lakers

Listen to Episode 135 here! As always the Podcast Brothers is available on all podcast listening platforms, including Spotify.

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The brothers also have revamped their website! Check it out: https://www.thebrotherspod.com/

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