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The Podcast Brothers Episode 121: If You Love Me You’d Lie To Me

Episode 121 of the Podcast Brothers is out now!

Fresco couldn't join us this week so for this episode it was just Flaw and I this time around. On this episode we discussed:

Flaw reactivating Facebook and the conversation about support from your city (08:22)

DMX is a free man, so what’s next (25:44)

The Black Panther movie has been nominated for 7 Oscars. How many awards do you think the movie will take home? (31:44)

Lying to your loved one being beneficial (38:56)

Falling in lust on social media (50:29)

Spotify activates the mute option (01:01:42)

Nelly demands his accuser reveal her identity to the public and Chris Brown plans on suing his accuser (01:12:29)

The Game name drops Kim K in his latest song (01:18:03)

Listen to Episode 121: If You Love Me You'd Lie To Me .

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