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The Podcast Brothers Episode 110: Love is Free w/ ShamGod

Since the last time I’ve recorded with the Podcast Brothers they have moved to a new space, and I LOVE it! They now record at a Starbucks located in downtown Trenton. The meeting room was spacious, well-lit, and has welcoming artwork. I’m looking forward to working in that space on the regular.

For Episode 110 the Brothers and I are joined by ShamGod (rapper, singer, songwriter, and kreative). In addition to interviewing Sham (18:55) we also discuss:

Danye Jones, the gentleman who was found lynched in his mother’s backyard (14:43 )

How do you shut up your inner critic ( 40:47 ) Thoughts on moving in with your partner before marriage ( 48:57 )

Pharrell issues a cease and desist on President orange for using the song “ Happy “ ( 57:36 )

Ashanti dropping fire photos but not dropping any music ( 59:45 )

Akon is thinking about running for President in the year 2020 ( 01:02:45 )

Listen to Episode 110: Love is Free

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