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The Podcast Brothers

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

I started podcasting with Flaw and Fresco in November 2017. I’m now a monthly co-host on the show, and I’m enjoying the experience thus far!

Because I began podcasting with the brothers almost a year before I created this website I’m using this post to include links to some of the past episodes I’ve been on.

*NOTE: The Podcast Brothers Podcast can be found on all podcast listening platforms, however my personal listening platform of choice is the Apple Podcast app*

A few episodes I have appeared on:

Episode 63

Episode 68

Episode 72

Episode 76

Episode 81

Episode 85

Episode 93

Episode 95

Connect with The Podcast Brothers:

Twitter http://twitter.com/PodcastBrothers

Instagram http://Instagram.com/thepodcastbrothers/

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