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The Land of Kush: Baltimore, MD

and no, not THAT kind of kush.

The Land of Kush is a black owned vegan restaurant. My younger sister sent this place to me MONTHS ago on Twitter, so when I planned an impromptu visit to Baltimore I made it my business to stop by.

The service was quick. Most patrons were taking their meals to go but we decided to sit in. The restaurant was clean, and the house music was on point.

I ordered the Kush BBQ 'Ribs' with candied yams and collard greens. My cousin ordered vegan 'crab cakes' with baked mac and 'cheese' and collard greens.

The crab cake taste and texture was SPOT on. So much so that I was compelled to ask the staff whether or not it was actually crab. Everything tasted perfect. I was nervous about ordering the 'ribs' because of its sweet BBQ description (and also the texture) but the 'ribs' had the slightly smoky flavor I was looking for, and the texture was actually very similar to chicken. Carrots, peppers & onion were the perfect touch of flavor. The cashier offered me a small sample to try before I ordered, which I appreciated.

The greens were A1; perfectly seasoned, not over salted.

The mac and cheese was GOOD. It can be difficult to execute a good mac, especially when it's not being made with regular milk. The yams were good too, not overly sweetened. We HAD to test the classic yamaroni combo (for those who don’t know the lingo, it’s when you take a bit of yams with a bit of mac and combine in one forkful/bite). We weren’t disappointed at all.

I lowkey had my heart set on trying jollof rice and coconut curry cabbage too, but they were sold out of those items for the day (a bummer, but a sign that those items are popular so they're probably good asf).

Full disclosure; a good amount of their dishes contain soy. If you have a sensitivity/allergy to soy products you‘ll probablyyyy experience some “stomach disruption” the next morning (like I did). They have soy-free options, and on their menu they indicate which items do contain soy. I took one for the team because I wanted to try things and in my humble opinion it was worth it. This was the BEST vegan restaurant I've visited to date.

The Land of Kush has an Instagram page and a website ; check them both out when you get the chance!

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