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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Hey kreatives!

Here again playing catch up with this post.

I started podcasting with John in the spring of 2018 and it has been nothing but love and laughs! I join him once a month on The John Effect podcast as the Ask A Gay Guy correspondent; I along with John, Jackie & Rhayne also come together once a month to form The Panel where we each bring a topic to the table and have a round table discussion .

You’ll find posted below a few episodes I’ve done on the John Effect platform. Enjoy!

The John Effect episodes:

Episode 101: Phase TWO 

Episode 111: It’s Cancelled, It’s Over  

The Panel episodes:

BBQ Watermelon? (Episode 3)

Connect with The John Effect & The Panel Podcasts:

John Effect Twitter   http://twitter.com/thejohneffect  

John Effect Instagram http://instagram.com/thejohneffectpodcast

The Panel’s Twitter http://twitter.com/thepanelpod

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