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The John Effect: Episode 120 “Just a Cricketing”

Just like clockwork I am back for the Ask a Gay Guy segment with Mr John Salvatore.

For this month’s installment I asked John

  1. Does being verse come with as much stigma as being a bottom?

  2. Is there one public figure that the LGBTQ community cannot STAND?

  3. Choose: 24 hours with RuPaul or 24 hours with Ms Jay from ANTM

  4. The male thot cars are: Camaro, Charger, Challenger, and Mustang. The female thot cars are: Nissan Altima/Maxima, Camry, and Jetta. What’s the gay thot car(s)?

Listen to Episode 120: Just a Cricketing

Other topics John covered throughout this Episode

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