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“Taking You Places” with D.Murph: Flagrant 2 Podcast

This episode was a LONG time coming. The last time D.Murph and I recorded was in 2017 while I was finishing up grad school!

D.Murph is located in Houston, Texas and is the host of two podcasts: Why Not Sports with D.Murph (a podcast where he talks about the good, bad, and ugly of sports and how it impacts you everyday) as well as the Flagrant 2 with D.Murph (a podcast where everyday people have everyday conversations. Topics can range from music, pop culture, entrepreneurship, and relationships; you name it, it's been discussed on this platform).

D.Murph brought me on the show to talk about kailahiskreative.com , why I started my blog, and how I began traveling. We also talked about how I entered the world of HIV/AIDS education and advocacy, and how my great-grandfather played a major role in sparking my interest in health.

Lastly, we discussed my podcasting ventures. When most people are asked about themselves they tend to only focus on their strengths and positive aspects, but for this question I opened up and was transparent about my fears, insecurities and weaknesses with podcasting. I also mentioned the importance of being a team player, and how I manage juggling all of my responsibilities/obligations with podcasting, writing/blogging, traveling, and work.

Despite me running my mouth for the intro portion (intro is almost two minutes) this episode in its entirety is just under one hour.

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