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Rincón, Puerto Rico

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Hey kreatives! In March 2019 I traveled to Rincón, a town located on Puerto Rico’s west coast.

Rincón is known for its beaches and attracts surfers from all over; coincidentally we visited the same weekend the Corona Pro Surf competition was taking place.

We flew into Aguadilla Airport (BQN) from Philadelphia (PHL) and arrived around 12:30am. Uber and Lyft is not available in this part of town, and there were no rental cars available (remember, the surf competition was going on). Fortunately Danny (connect with Danny and Cleo via Twitter and Instagram) called a cab company which took us to Danny's friends' home.

Rincón is about 25 minutes away from BQN. Ryan and Erica's home was beautiful and only steps away from the beach. In addition to their personal home they have a rental property on their land.

Ryan and Erica were the perfect hosts! They were gracious enough to let us stay in their home and use their car for free. In the mornings they made breakfast for us, and throughout the week we had in depth conversations about Puerto Rico’s history, the recent hurricane, parenting, and traveling. I even learned how to play a card game.

There aren’t really street addresses in Rincón. When I asked "how do people get their mail?" and "how do people give directions to get places?" the answers were simple: most people use post office boxes, and you either use coordinates or just learn how to get around. There are no street lights or traffic lights, so the roads get pretty dark at night. The streets are narrow but two way, and surprisingly people just know to drive slower or move to the side when there is opposing traffic.

La Marina

A beach that I affectionately called the kiddie pool because of the shallow water, and a popular spot for families to bring their kids. The sand was soft and free of litter, and the waters were beautiful hues of blue. We came here almost every day and stayed one evening to watch the sun set.


This was about an hour away from Erica and Ryan’s house. Gonzalandia is tucked in a rainforest, and includes an underwater cave as well as rocks and ropes to jump from. I’ll be honest; I was too chicken to get in the water but had no problem taking great photos/video and soaking in some sun.

A few highlights from my time in Puerto Rico:

Mofongo: one of the most popular dishes in Puerto Rico, which has clear West African roots. This dish is primarily comprised of mashed plantain. I LOVED IT.

I had mofongo twice during my time in Puerto Rico; once with chicken and once with just vegetables (pictured).

Medalla, a light beer brewed in Puerto Rico.

Chichaito: a poplular alcoholic beverage made in Puerto Rico, comprised of Anisette liquer and rum. Typically served as a shot but can also be served on the rocks as a beverage (this shot of chichaito was $2). ** shout out to my best friend Lashondra for the suggestion!**

Food Trucks

Food and tourism industries thrive between the months of December and March, which is the island’s “winter” season. During my time in PR I tried two food trucks. At Café2Go I got an açaí bowl topped with coconut shavings, chia seeds and sliced banana ($9). I also ordered a vegetarian breakfast bowl with avocado ($5).

The Slider Shop was located across the street from Café2Go. At this truck I ordered a mushroom slider ($4.75).

Natural Mosquito Repellent

The mosquitos had ZERO respect for me. On the second day of my trip I mentioned how I was being violated and Erica let me try some of this cream. That Saturday I went to the market place and purchased three 2-ounce jars for ten dollars. It smells so good! Tip for use: reapply every three hours ! This instruction is written on the label.

If you have any inquiries about this cream or would like to see the catalog of natural products Wilfredo makes, email him at naturalboypr@yahoo.com .

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