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Puyero Venezuelan Flavor: Philadelphia, PA

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

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One of the benefits of people knowing you love good food (and like to write about it) is that someone is always suggesting restaurants for me to try. My coworkers and I often huddle around and discuss different cuisines, cooking styles, etc and during a discussion my coworker Chet suggested Puyero.

This Venezuelan restaurant is conveniently located off of Philadelphia's South Street (on 4th Street, steps away from the corner of 4th and South). I hadn't had any Hispanic food in awhile and ironically I've been wanting to explore more of the Hispanic/Spanish food scene in Philly, so this was a great place to start!

The customer service was nice; we were greeted with a smile. The cashier took our orders and brought our food to us.

Pictured below is the bright wall located next to the register where one orders their food. On this wall there are multiple clipboards that have the menu (with descriptions of each item) as well as photos of the most popular items sold at Puyero. You are allowed to take these clipboards off the wall, walk them up to the register and use them as references while ordering.

Since I've tried patacones before I decided to try an arepa.

In short, arepas are a white corn cake that appear in both Venezuelan and Colombian cuisines. Arepas can be eaten as a snack or side dish, but in this dining experience the arepas were used as the 'bread' for our sandwiches.

I had Puyera's Catira arepa (shredded chicken, fried white cheese, spinach), and my friend LaShondra had the Special Dominó arepa (black beans, avocado, sweet fried plantain, and white cheese).

LaShondra and I shared the Tajadas de Plátano (fried sweet plantain with white cheese) as well as a Marquesa (not photographed *fail on my part*: a small cookie and chocolate mousse layered cake).

**after a quick browse on their website I discovered this place is BYOB, offers catering services, and has a 2 for $5 empanada special on the weekends.

Of course, everything we had was perfect.

I definitely consider Puyera to be a hidden gem off the beaten path. If you're feeling adventurous and want to try some Venezuelan food, head down to South Street and go check Puyera out!

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