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Pow Pow: Washington, D.C.

Hey kreatives!

I met up with some friends from Dallas in Washington D.C. ; I didn’t expect to have any restaurants to blog about while I was down there for the weekend, but little did I know we would be paying a visit to Pow Pow. One of my friends mentioned she had looked up the dessert offered there and that was our original intent of stopping in, but when we arrived and I realized this was a vegan restaurant I said to myself “oh nah, I’m going to post about this spot!”.

Pow Pow is located on H street in DC. They also deliver!

Any time I post vegetarian/vegan restaurants I get the questions, so to clarify I’m (still) not vegetarian or vegan. I just really enjoy exploring the food! On the regular my diet is veggies, fruits and starches with some dairy, seafood and chicken. I keep beef to a minimum and stay away from pork altogether.

For my meal I had the General’s Chicken bowl (comprised of plant-based “chicken”, scallions, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, and a rice/quinoa mix).

I opted for the smaller portion; this meal was light, refreshing and tasty! Texture is a fixation of mines especially when eating vegetarian/vegan foods so I was glad that the “chicken” had an authentic chicken texture. The General’s sauce used was flavorful and had the right amount of spice.

For dessert (aka the actual reason we stopped here) I enjoyed the Chimi Chimi Pow Pow Egg Rolls, a banana stuffed egg roll with dairy-free Nutella and an agave drizzle. I loved this! I’m not super big on sweets, but the rolls were a light sweet treat that didn’t bother my teeth or overwhelm my taste buds with chalky processed sugars.

In addition to a nice meal the overall experience in this restaurant was cool. A clean and inviting space with friendly staff and quick service. Pow Pow gets two thumbs up from me!

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