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Pho-Losophy: Narberth, PA

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

I was tapping through my friends' Instagram stories, and I just so happened to see my friend Ashley post that she was trying pho for the first time. Her boomerang and photos looked DELICIOUS. I've always heard people raving about how tasty pho (pronounced like 'fuh') is; it was cold as heck outside and I also had never tried pho before. Today was the day to change all of that.

Pho-Losophy is about ten minutes outside of West Philadelphia (a 15 minute drive from my house). My cousin and I went for dinner. The restaurant's atmosphere is calm, clean, well-lit, and welcoming for all groups (there were families with young children, couples, and groups of friends present). When we first arrived (just before 6 p.m.) it was pretty empty but within a half hour's time every table in the restaurant became occupied.

The menu has a robust selection of pork, beef, chicken, shrimp/seafood, and vegetarian options.

Per Ashley’s recommendation my cousin and I ordered shrimp pho with chicken broth (there are options for beef or vegetable broth).

We also had chicken stir fry with jasmine rice.

Our bill came to $40.

Service was quick and friendly! The hostess Katina checked on us several times throughout the evening and was so sweet. I mentioned that I have a food blog and she was excited to learn more about it (come to find out, she also manages the Instagram account for Pho-Losophy)! I'll be sure to visit Pho-Losophy again to try more items on their menu.

See more of Pho-Losophy's plates on Instagram

Check out the website to view more information, hours of operation, and the full menu:


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