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Mixto Restaurante: Philadelphia, PA

This restaurant has been on my list since September 2019! A former coworker (who is from Brazil) was the first person to tell me about Mixto; now let's forward to Center City Restaurant Week 2020.

My cousins and I were scanning the options and finally decided on Mixto. Come to find out they too had already been here and they also loved the food and drinks. I mentioned my upcoming trip to Mixto to a few other friends and they also had been here before. Clearly I was late to the party but hey; better late than never!

Situated just off of 12th and Pine in Philadelphia's Gayborhood, Mixto serves a variety of Cuban, Latin American, and Caribbean dishes.

Our reservation was for 6 p.m. but I arrived around 5:20 and was (surprisingly) able to be seated right away. I ordered a mojito since it was happy hour and let me tell you.. if you're into mojitos like I am, that drink was absolutely everything a mojito is supposed to be.

Once my cousins got there I ordered a side of maduros (whenever I go somewhere that makes plantain it's a MUST that I get some).


We each ordered something different so we could have a taste of all three. Pictured below are empanadas de camaron (shrimp empanadas), tostones bruschetta, and ensalada islena de aguacate y mango (a salad that includes mango, avocado, cherry tomatoes and greens tossed in a honey & ginger-lime dressing).


I had the Churraso Colombiano (grilled cowboy ribeye steak topped with garlic butter, sauteed potatoes with jalapeno, and a Cuban style grilled corn on the cob). In the background you can see my cousin Efia's plate; she ordered salmon a la parilla (grilled salmon, sauteed spinach, and mash potatoes served with a lemon thyme sauce).


For desert I decided on the Pudin de Pan (warm bread pudding stuffed with fruit and a scoop of vanilla ice cream).

Our food and service was great. I was especially thankful for this because in some of my past experience with dining during Philly's restaurant week many businesses will skimp out on service as well as the quality and portions of food. At Mixto, our experience was the complete opposite of that. Our waiter was kind and attentive, the quality of food was on point, and our portions were perfect. We all ended up with leftovers (my lunch the next day was ON POINT).

I'm going back to Mixto for happy hour! This may actually become a regular spot for me; Mixto is less than a ten minute walk from my job!

To view their menus, visit Mixto's website: https://mixtorestaurante.com/

Don't forget to check out their Instagram !

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