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Heavyweight Title Holders: Episode 1 with Change the Subject Podcast

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

In March 2018, BJ made his way to Philadelphia to have a heartfelt discussion with Danny and I about:

  • Our perspectives when it comes to titles and spaces we let people occupy in our lives

  • Whether or not everyone in our lives value their title(s) .

We also talked about mental, sexual, and emotional health including depression.

BJ is 1/2 of Our2Cents podcast and also hosts his solo project called Change The Subject. Danny and I  were featured on the first episode of Change The Subject podcast take a listen when you get the chance!

Connect with BJ :

Twitter: http://Twitter.com/our2centspod

Instagram:  http://Instagram.com/thesubjectchange

Connect with Danny (1/2 of the Danny & Cleo show):

Twitter: http://Twitter.com/dannyandcleo  

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