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Green Seed Vegan: Houston, TX

During one of my random late night Instagram hashtag browsings I stumbled across Green Seed Vegan's page. I was excited to come across a black owned vegan restaurant located in Houston! I was even more stoked when I arrived in H-town and realized that the establishment was walking distance from the hostel I stayed in.

Green Seed Vegan has a beautiful variety of paninis, dishes, raw foods, cold press juices, smoothies & shots. It took me awhile to pick what I wanted, but I finally decided on three items:

Tosh: maple jerk garbanzo tempeh with grilled plantain, spinach and jerk aoli. This panini was amazingggggggg. It had a beautiful balance of sweet plantain with the hit of jerk spices on the back end.

Ginger shot: I figured I was just on a plane, slept in a hostel (barely got any rest), and was in a new climate so a quick boost for the immune system wouldn't hurt. I personally enjoy the taste of ginger, and in general the root has multiple health benefits; read more about them here .

Strawberry mango smoothie: becauseeeee why not?

My order total was $19.49

*ginger shot not photographed; I downed that while waiting for my smoothie and sandwich*

Green Seed Vegan is a must visit while in Houston. Even if you're not vegan or into eating healthy food regularly, I have confidence that you will find something here to satisfy your taste buds. I suggest sticking with their panini and/or smoothie options (And if you’re about the shot life, get that ginger shot!). If you are not a dedicated vegan and/or not a fan of raw produce I’d advise to stay away from the raw foods menu **unless of course you’re feeling adventurous, then by all means go for it!

Check out Green Seed Vegan's website and Instagram pages!

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