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Flight Comparisons: PHL vs BWI

I traveled to Atlanta the first weekend of October for #APodConnectionATL , a 3-day conference that offers meet and greets, live shows, expert panels, and networking opportunities for podcast lovers.

I live in Philadelphia so of course the airport I normally fly out of is PHL.

However regardless of where I’m traveling to I always check other airports in the region to price compare. What I’ve typically found is:

  • International travel tends to be cheaper out of JFK or EWR

  • Domestic travel to the South or Midwest  is sometimes cheaper out of BWI

On September 12 I initiated my search using Skyscanner. Below are the prices I found flying round trip to Atlanta out of PHL and BWI with depart date 9/5 and return date 9/7:

RT out of Philadelphia: $277 (base fare, does not include seats or carry on/checked bags)

RT out of Baltimore: $176 (base fare, does not include seats or carry on/checked bags)

A few days later I searched again (about 3am on a Wednesday) and saw that the RT price out of Baltimore dropped from $176 to about $130.

Because this was a weekend trip I opted to only worry about having a personal item (which is included in the base fare for Spirit Airlines) After paying $20 total to select seats, my grand total for flying to Atlanta out of Baltimore: $155.

Other costs to consider:

  1. GAS: BWI Airport is a little under two hours away from my house. I have a 2016 Nissan Versa that’s great on gas. I was able to fill up my tank with $25.

  2. TOLLS: I used the TollGuru app to plan ahead. I have an EZ pass, so round trip tolls were $20 ( $7 going down, $13 coming back). The app showed me a toll-free route but for the purposes of this trip I wanted the fastest route.

  3. PARKING: BWI Speedy Park for October 5-7 was $19

TOTAL COST: $155 + $25 + $20 + $19 = $219

In total, I saved approximately $60. [this savings does NOT include calculation of final cost to fly out of PHL].

Spirit Airlines

BWI Speedy Park


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