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The Officially Street Podcast Episode 276: Bring Your Own Crack

TOS is my favorite podcast everrrr! The crew invited me back as a returning guest and per usual, the conversation was great! I came on to talk about my infused foods business but of course we discussed (and laughed at) other current events! Show notes and link to the episode are below.

Listen to episode 276 HERE!


Facts of The Week: “Brown Friday", Exercise, Wine, and COVID. 

Night Night, Nate (Nate Robinson gets ROCKED)

Tyson vs. Jones (snooze fest charity fight)

Are you allowed to Twerk @ Restaurants?

Questions for Kailah (follow @_theemeraldboutique on Instagram)

#THISorTHAT: Weed Edition

1. Indica or Sativa?

2. CBD or THC

3. Smoking or Edibles 

4. Smoking the Flower or Smoking the Pen

5. Munchies - Sweet or Salty 

6. Dispensary weed or Street Weed (Legacy) 

#OFFICIALORUNOFFICIAL - Fred Eshelamn, Underground Sex Clubs, Kanye West slides, Drake candle, and Funk Master Flex.

Podcast Pick of the Week

Syer - @TheNewHypeShow feat @CSL_Studios

Jay - @ItsTheNewHype feat @cakedagawd & @kilsypoppington

Kailah - @EBBirth & @StakesIsHighPod

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