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“Classy vs Trashy” Hood Geniuses Podcast: Episode 97

Long time no speak kreatives!

It’s well past the threshold to wish you all a Happy New Year, but hopefully all of you are experiencing a motivated and positive 2019 thus far.

I had SO much fun recording with Lady T & Miz from The Hood Geniuses Podcast. I’m also happy I had the opportunity to connect and spend time with other Philly podcasters, FINALLY! This collaboration was long overdue. #PhillySupportPhilly #PhillyPodcasters

During this episode we joked, discussed our weeks, covered a few current events, went off topic (and got back on track), and talked about our definition of classy versus trashy men & women.

The Hood Geniuses also put me on to the infamous red wine and 1800 coconut combo (by the way, chilled shots of 1800 coconut is DEFINITELY the wave all summer 2019).

All three of us were surprised when we realized we were recording for over two hours.. but when the conversation is great, the vibes are right and the drinks are on point a rich conversation is bound to take place!

Hope you all enjoy! Post, comment and connect with the Hood Geniuses podcast. Their show is available on all podcast listening platforms.

Check out episode 97 “Classy vs Trashy” here!

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