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Bleu Kitchen: Los Angeles, CA

For all of my food truck lovers, Bleu Kitchen is definitely a truck you should consider adding to your itinerary the next time you plan to visit Los Angeles.

One thing I've learned while navigating the food scene in the midst of COVID: check the business' Instagram page and see if they have any posts regarding updated hours/locations.

After a family friend suggested Bleu Kitchen I quickly looked them up on IG. They do a great job of keeping everyone up to date on their operating hours. They also do an excellent job of showcasing their tasty food; take a peek here.

I visited the location on Manchester in Los Angeles.

The box they handed to me was really helpful with carrying everything!

My order included steak & veggies over garlic noodles,

Bleu Rolls (snow crab, white garlic sauce, sautéed celery, onion & spinach, Monterey Jack cheese

topped with their house Sweet garlic aioli),

and some blueberry juice.

Here's the video I posted on my Instagram story the day I indulged in this deliciousness.

Y'all, this food was GOOD. I didn't want my garlic noodles to end.

The platters are a great size, I ate from my platter for two days!

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