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Mr Fries Man: Gardena, CA

When my dad and I visited Mr Fries Man we were lucky enough to walk up with no wait at all; shortly after we ordered quite a few people showed up. Our cashier was very kind and patient with us!

*as a point of reference, Mr Fries Man is about a 15 minute drive from

LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).

Let me tell y'all, the pictures on IG kept that same energy in real life. Check out Mr Fries Man Instagram to compare for yourself!

I had steak & shrimp fries with mango habanero sauce.

My dad ordered crab fries with mango habanero sauce.

I enjoyed my food! It was tasty and very filling.

My dad on the other hand said his was okay *and I agree completely*. The fries and sauce were delicious, but the amount of crab meat was a bit overwhelming; if anything, maybe they should've cooked the meat some. It was as if the cooks scooped the crab meat directly out of the can onto the fries. Not a good look, or taste.

The upside is that Mr Fries offers PLENTY of combinations, including a build your own menu (which is what we took advantage of). The Mr Fries menu is your oyster! You have plenty of opportunity to create a combination of choice or enjoy one of Mr Fries' set items; take a glimpse at their menu here.

Overall we enjoyed the experience, although we truthfully weren't fans of the crab fries. If your heart is set on trying the crab fries I'd suggest asking for less meat or requesting the meat on the side. Next time you're in the Los Angeles area be sure to check out Mr Fries Man !

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