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4Bros Podcast Episode 46: 'Talking' For Too Long

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I reconnected with some high school classmates who have a podcast. The show is comprised of four men, so they wanted to talk about some relationship topics and get a woman's perspective. Everything was flowing so well we ended up recording two shows!

In episode 46 of the 4Bros Podcast we discussed:

-our Thanksgivings

-CHS 2009 ten year class reunion

-how long is too long to be in the 'talking phase' with someone

-do you have to ask someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, or is that assumed by actions?

-it's the holiday season; what are the rules for bringing/being a date to the family gathering?

-if my husband and father were arguing, whose side do I take?

Will (one of the members of 4Bros) has a clothing line! Take a look at Pen and Brush Clothing's Instagram

Sap (another member) is the author of a book titled 'Heaven's Clouded Mind', a compilation of thoughts and poetry.

Check out episode 46 HERE

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