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4 Restaurants to Check Out in St Thomas

It's no secret: everywhere I go, I scope out the good eats!

For this post I'll feature my favorite spots I had the opportunity to try while in St Thomas.

1. Delly Deck

Website https://www.dellydeckrestaurant.com/


This is a very popular bar and restaurant. Both times i stopped here the deck was packed.

i ordered a veggie omelet with wheat toast to go and decided to enjoy my breakfast at Magens Bay Beach.

2. The Meat Up

Website https://themeatupvi.com/

instagram https://instagram.com/themeatupusvi?igshid=ng0r6xhgugye

I ordered salmon pasta in white wine and garlic butter sauce. I also tried conch fritters for the first time!

3. Gladys' Cafè

Website https://gladyscafe.com/


This is another popular restaurant. Plan to get there early or be prepared to wait! indoor seating is limited and people do not have a problem waiting in that long line!

i ordered the mushroom and Swiss omelet with home fries and wheat toast

4. The New Ashley’s Restaurant *near the airport

+1 340-775-1533


New Ashley's is known for their food, but especially their pate. In my opinion pate reminds me of a beef patty or empanada; the only major difference is the pastry used. it’s fluffy like a Johnnycake. I tried the chicken, beef, and saltfish pate. In addition to this being my first time trying pate it was also my first time trying saltfish.

Y'all, pate is SO good. Saltfish and beef were my favorites!

Tip: TSA will let you bring pates through. When questioned by customs and TSA I was honest and let them know I had pates in my bag (they’ll ask if you have any food). TSA *politely* asked me to take it out my duffel and show it to them in the brown paper bag. Everything was cool and I was able to enjoy my treats in the airport, on the plane, and when I got home

I have several other spots I want to try in St. Thomas (in addition to some places in St. John and St. Croix). I can't wait to go back and visit the USVI!

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