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3 Tips: Using Apps to Search for Cheap Flights

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Tip # 1: Keep in mind that when using apps like Skyscanner, Skiplagged, Hopper, etc the prices

shown on those websites are base fares, which are always the cheapest. The specific terms & conditions regarding a ‘base fare’ may vary between airlines but normally the base fare does NOT include a carry-on bag; in this case you would need to pay an additional fee to board with a carry on [for further explanation: all flights typically include a personal item (small bag that can fit underneath the seat in front of you). A carry on is the bag that is placed in the compartments above seats].

If you are traveling for a quick getaway you may be fine with just a personal item. If you will be away for more than three days or simply want/need to bring more items with you, you should make sure your fare either includes a carry on OR you pay the carry on and/or checked bag


To each his/her own but I prefer to only use flight apps as a point of reference. I use Skyscanner, Skiplagged , Google Flights and Hopper to search then I go on the airline site(s) and book directly with them. I feel more comfortable booking directly with airlines; I have confidence that my personal/credit card information is secure, and (for me) airline sites are easier to navigate so I feel confident and completely understand what I’m purchasing, including the bag option I’m paying for or omitting.

Tip # 2:When planning trips it’s helpful to be be flexible with depart and return dates; prices

can change drastically from day to day.

Tip# 3: Search for flights on off days and times. I like to search in the middle of the night on

Tuesdays and Wednesdays; I have found some of my cheapest flights doing my search during

these times.

I hope this info is helpful. Happy planning!




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